Medical spa services include Botox, Liposuction, Medical facials

Medical spa services include Botox, Liposuction, Medical facials, and massages. You should read reviews of these services online to get an idea of what to expect. Some med spas may not post their customer reviews online, but you can still read them. Besides reading reviews, you can also ask med spa clients.


Liposuction is a type of cosmetic surgery that removes excess fat from the body through small incisions. This procedure is less invasive than other cosmetic surgeries, and the recovery time is faster. In most cases, patients can return to work after a few days. Patients who have this procedure can expect to see results in about three to five months.

Liposuction can improve your body’s contour by removing fat deposits that have built up between skin and muscle. It also helps to tighten your skin. Different areas of your body will require different techniques, cannulas, and incisions.

Medical facials

Medical facials at med spa services utilize ingredients designed by dermatologists to treat specific skin concerns. These treatments can help reduce the appearance of wrinkles, sagging skin, and other skin problems, such as brown spots and acne scars. These treatments are more intensive, and often use prescription strength ingredients. Additionally, they can include aggressive peels, light treatments, and microdermabrasion. A medical facial is ideal for those with sensitive skin or older skin.

Medical facials address a client’s skin from the inside out, beginning with¬†medical spa in Houston¬† deep pore cleansing. After that, products and equipment are used to maintain the skin’s barrier function, including proper pH balance, oils, and lipids. The process is customized to meet the client’s needs and expectations.


Med spas have a variety of massage services to meet the specific needs of their clients. Aside from providing relaxation, these services can also help improve guest satisfaction and loyalty. Massages are also beneficial for the body, increasing circulation and lymph flow. Some medical spas offer massages combined with manual lymphatic drainage.

Massage services are becoming a popular option for medical spas. They can complement the services offered by other aesthetic medical facilities and provide a one-stop service model. Massages can range from Swedish massages to aromatherapy or sports massages. Some medical spas also offer hot stone massages and other specialty treatments.