Advantages of Using a Rubber Duckbill Check Valve

A rubber duckbill check valve is a type of inline check valve. This valve is made of rubber, and has a flange that acts as a gasket between the two mating flanges. It is installed by tightening the valve flange around the mating flanges in the pattern specified in the specification. These valves are available all over Australia.


The Tideflex rubber duckbill check valve is one of the most effective backflow prevention devices available. This one-piece valve has an innovative design which allows it to open and close automatically when the differential pressure in water is too high. This makes it an ideal tidal valve.


The Cla-Val Rubber-Flex(tm) Duckbill Check Valves offer reliable performance and durability for a wide variety of applications. They are designed for continuous exposure to corrosive fluids, and are available with a variety of end connections.

Tideflex 790

The Tideflex 790 rubber duckbill Check Valve is one of the most innovative backflow prevention devices on the market today. These valves are composed of a one-piece rubber matrix, similar to truck tires, which means that they require no periodic maintenance or repair and have an outstanding operational life of 30 years or more. They also have an extremely low cracking pressure and maximize storage volume in upstream pipes.

Tideflex 730

The Tideflex 730 rubber duckbill-style check valve is an effective backflow prevention valve for drain systems. This valve has no moving parts and is designed to handle large obstructions without jamming. Its flat bottom allows for easier installation and reduces bottom clearance requirements. In addition, it is a silent device that protects low-lying areas from floods.

Tideflex 740

The Tideflex 740 rubber duckbill checks valve is a versatile valve that comes with many benefits. It is made from a durable material that is resistant to oil, grease, kerosene, and methane. It is also self-draining, which eliminates standing water in your upstream drainage system. The valve also requires less bottom clearance than other valves, thanks to its flat bottom. It also eliminates the need for valve rotation.

Tideflex 745

The Tideflex 745 rubber duckbill Check Valve offers a number of benefits for backflow prevention and stormwater drainage. Its revolutionary design eliminates standing water, reduces cracking pressure, and has a long life span. It is also a great choice for tidal systems because it is silent and will not clog or overflow a pipe.