Find Your Perfect Briefcase Here

When you’re working up the ladder in a career or business, your office accessories should make a statement as distinguished and stylish as your shoes or dress pants. A great briefcase is the finishing touch to a professional look that signals that you’ve made it to the top of your game. And, unlike cheap bags that can become flimsy and ugly, quality leather briefcases can last decades with proper care.

Choosing the right bag starts with determining your needs and budget. You’ll want a case that will hold all of your work necessities, including file folders and documents. And, if you’re carrying a laptop, you’ll also want to choose a model that holds it comfortably in place with padded padding and adjustable straps.

Some people choose to travel frequently with their briefcase, so they may need a case that can be stowed easily in airplane overhead compartments or through security checkpoints. Others, such as lawyers or legal secretaries, often carry large volumes of paperwork that may require a briefcase with a lot of interior space to accommodate reams of paper. And, a lawyer might prefer to carry a briefcase with a secure key lock to ensure the safety of confidential information.

A briefcase is a great choice for any male professional who wants to upgrade his appearance with a smart, sophisticated accessory that will elevate his entire ensemble, from the suit jacket to the dress shirt and tie. And, if you’re looking for a high-quality briefcase that will last, you should consider a brand that specializes in leather goods and focuses on precise construction using the finest materials. Companies like Carl Friedriks, Frank Clegg and Filson use a combination of leathers and meticulous techniques to create heirloom-quality briefcases that can be handed down from generation to generation.

In addition to the style of your briefcase Find Your Perfect Briefcase Here, you should also consider its color and finish. Black is a classic and versatile choice that goes well with any type of suit, while brown is ideal for a casual look. You can also opt for a leather briefcase that is designed with a distressed finish to provide a more rugged aesthetic.

You should also pay attention to the hardware used in your briefcase. The best brands will use solid brass or stainless steel hardware, which will stand up to wear and tear better than zinc alloy hardware. Lastly, you should always be on the lookout for hidden zippers that don’t open automatically and a strong clasp that closes securely.

Find Your Perfect Briefcase Here

Once you’ve determined your needs and budget, it’s time to start shopping for a new briefcase. You’ll likely have several options to select from, including online retailers and traditional brick-and-mortar stores. Department stores and specialty leather goods shops typically offer a wider selection of briefcases. And, if you’re buying from a local shop, you can visit the store to examine the product and receive personalized assistance from staff.