How to Choose and Install Barn Doors

There are many benefits to installing barn doors in your home. These doors can be hung by do-it-yourselfers, and they can be a stylish gateway for your home. They can be closed tightly or left partially ajar, depending on your preference. You can purchase hardware and track systems for a barn door at home centers and online retailers.

Artisan Hardware

When it comes to barn door hardware, Artisan Hardware has a variety of options to choose from. They offer 28 different styles of barn door hardware. These door hardware options are not only sturdy and long-lasting, but also come with lifetime warranties. Artisan Hardware’s barn doors are a great way to add character to a room.

Standard barn door pulls consist of a bar attached to a plate. During installation, this hardware is drilled into the slab. They are best for standard-sized doors, but they will not work well with bi-parting doors because the bar will not sit flush with the door slab. Additionally, they will not allow the slab to slip into the wall if you install the door in a pocket-door system. Other popular options from Artisan Hardware are the Craftsman, Tribal, and Designer pulls.

Pre-assembled options

Pre-assembled options for barn doors are available in many different styles. One of these styles is the Geometric Barn Door. It is a unique and beautiful choice for any home. It is also fast to ship. It comes in various sizes and will fit the width of the door opening.

There are several pre-assembled barn doors available, and many of them are made in a custom size for your exact specifications. They ship by freight carrier in a custom crate and are fully insured. They typically take three to seven business days to arrive. Once the door is delivered, you simply need to move it to the location of your choice.

Pre-hung options

If you’re planning to install a new barn door in your home, you might want to choose a pre-hung option. This option can save you the trouble of assembling the door yourself. If you’re not the DIY type, you can always hire a professional to do the installation for you. However, barn doors hiring a contractor can cost between $400 and $600, and it’s not guaranteed that the job will get done in the timeframe you’d like.

Pre-hung barn doors are available in a variety of sizes. The size you choose should depend on the type of door you’re looking for. Some prehung options come with pre-drilled holes in the track, so you can install the door without any hassle. However, some pre-hung options require that you install the hardware yourself.


Barn doors come in many different styles. You may choose one or a combination of styles to make your home unique. You can even mix and match styles and use them in more than one room. If you have a walk-in closet, you might want to use a corner door. These doors slide on a separate track and have adjustable stops. They are ideal for home offices and entryways.

Before you begin installing your barn door, you will need to make sure that the door will fit into the structure of the wall. You will need to use a stud-finder to determine how big the door opening is. You will also need to determine the width of two outer panels. Then, you can begin sanding the wood to smooth out the rough edges.


Barn doors are heavy and can be difficult to install. To make the installation process go smoothly, you’ll need help from a professional. A step ladder will be useful if you have difficulty lifting the door. Before beginning the project, be sure to measure the width of the doorway. It should be wide enough to cover the entire opening, and leave an inch of overhang on each side. You’ll also need space between the door and floor.

After identifying the height of the door, you’ll need to attach the soft close hardware. This hardware has a catch on the bottom that should face the floor. You’ll then need to loosen the bolts and push down on the device to ensure the bottom of the device lines up with the rail. After installing the hardware, make sure the door slides smoothly and does not wobble. If there are glass inserts, they must be cleaned separately. Finally, you’ll need to check the door’s stoppers and anti-jump discs to ensure smooth operation.