State Requirements For Realtor Continuing Education

The state real estate regulatory body has a lot of rules and requirements to keep real estate agents, brokers and salespeople on the right track. There is often a fee to renew your license and there is almost always a requirement for continuing education, or CE. These classes are designed to ensure that licensed agents are staying up-to-date on the latest laws, regulations and practices in the industry. They can also be a great way to network with other members of your real estate team.

There are a number of online Realtor Continuing Education real estate CE providers that offer courses and packages that meet your state’s requirements. Some of our favorites include 360training and McKissock Learning. Both have excellent selections of courses, easy-to-use dashboards and bulk discounts. Both also have a variety of formats including online video, live online instructors and offline study material you can download and use offline.

New York real estate licensees must complete 22.5 hours of CE courses to renew their licenses. This includes one mandatory course that changes every year and an additional hour of education about agency law for first-time renewals.

The rest of the required credits can be fulfilled with a mix of elective courses that are offered each year. This includes courses such as Implicit Bias Awareness, Cultural Competency and Fair Housing. Some states also require a certain amount of credits related to specific topics, such as Contract Law or Law of Agency for licensed agents and broker in Maine.

Most states have a minimum number of CE credit hours that must be completed to renew a license. The exact number of CE hours varies from state to state. In Arizona, for example, real estate agents need 24 hours and brokers need 30 hours of CE to renew their licenses. Fortunately, our sister site, 360training, offers packages that are approved by the Arizona Real Estate Commission to meet these requirements.

Whether you’re an agent or a broker, New Mexico requires CE for both of you. Associate Brokers need 36 hours per three-year cycle, while Qualifying Brokers need 42 total hours, including 20 hours of mandatory coursework.

Kentucky real estate licensees need 12 hours of CE every year, 3 of which must be law credits. These credits can be taken from a mix of electives, but the Kentucky Real Estate Commission has specific course requirements for first-time renewals.

In Oregon, licensees need 30 hours of CE — including a 3-hour mandatory course — to renew their licenses. Licensees can choose from a wide variety of courses for the other 15 hours, but the Oregon Real Estate Commission has specific course requirements for first-time renewers and those who need a refresher on contract law or agency law.

Regardless of your real estate career stage, you can find online CE courses that meet your needs and requirements at a price point that’s hard to beat. Taking just one course will cost you about $10, and 360training’s CE packages are an even better deal.