What is the definition of energy system?

Energy Improvement System integrates Body, Mind, Spirit and Scientific research to support peak performance as well as reach greater states of wellness, consciousness and also self-actualization. It develops a healing environment at the cellular degree. The EESystem generates numerous bio-active life improving power areas including “scalar waves” as well as a morphogenic field.

The EESystem uses a sophisticated form of bio-scalar power Energy Enhancement System to develop a power matrix that boosts your body’s natural capability to recover itself at the cellular level. This energy is able to repair DNA, promote cell regrowth, boost immune function, minimize swelling, ease discomfort, detox the body, elevate state of minds as well as aid in stabilizing the left and right hemispheres of the brain to enhance energy levels.

EESystem is a remarkable, innovative technology that has been identified by dozens of clinical, clinical as well as specialist meetings. The EESystem uses custom-installed devices to produce a powerful power field that sustains the body’s natural capability to heal itself at the mobile degree.

Scalar wave energy is recognized to produce numerous bio-active energy fields, which include scalar waves and also a morphogenic area, also called a torsion or scalar vortex. A scalar field is a fifth-dimensional non-linear field that exists out of family member time as well as space, which indicates it does not degeneration over range from its source. Scalar energy can return the electro-magnetic areas of the body to their initial and also ideal electric matrix.

Please note: All sessions must be pre-scheduled and pre-paid. If you can not make your appointment or if you cancel, there is a 50% no-show cost based on the total price of the session booked. Please keep communication in the EESystem space to a whisper and also please turn off all mobile phone. No food or drink is admitted the EE System room.

For the very first time, Sacred Liiight (Sacred Healing Sessions & Liiightspace) will certainly be incorporating Ajna Light + Holy Fire Reiki + Audio Bathroom inside the EESystem!

EESystem is not a substitute for any kind of kind of clinical therapy, neither does it give medical recommendations. The info as well as statements made concerning this gadget and its use have not been evaluated by the Food & Medication Administration. This gadget and also its solutions do not diagnose, deal with, treat or avoid any type of illness.